About MeshTech


MeshTech was founded in 2016 and offers wifi products and IT services especially setup and support of wifi networks at schools.

It all started at Ludinc with the distribution of real- world games in Berlin schools . For this, a functioning IT infrastructure and a stable wireless network in the entire school building was necessary. That was the reason to become distributor of Open Mesh products in Germany. With increasing demand, we decided to outsource the distribution of Open Mesh products. After a successful year 2015 under the name Open Mesh Germany there have been repeated confusion with Open Mesh USA. A new name was needed. Since March 2016 , we now operate as MeshTech.


Our focus is on the customer and not the profit that is service orientation goes before profit maximization. We value business partnerships in which both sides are satisfied. This includes trust, honesty and respect. In addition, we believe that for every problem a solution can be found. Here communication is the key to success.


Our clients are IT systems integrators, independent IT consultant , dining facilities, shops, hotels, schools and private customers. At the beginning, we focused on the German market, now we also deliver worldwide. So Open Mesh Products sold by us are in use at a campsite in Finland, a guesthouse in Goa and a beach resort in Kenya.