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  • Open Mesh

    Open Mesh was an American manufacturer of mesh-capable and cloud-based Wifi solutions, but has since merged with Datto and has virtually ceased operations. Currently, only remaining stock is sold.

    In order to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers for a cost-effective and scalable cloud-based WiFi solution without monthly license fees, we have found a worthy successor in Plasma Cloud.

    The new hardware will work with your existing open mesh access points and all hardware will be compatible with the new cloud-based controller.

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  • Plasma Cloud

    Industry leading software and products

    Plasma Cloud is a manufacturer of mesh-capable and cloud-based wifi solutions and offers all the important functions you were used to from Open Mesh:

    1. free cloud management (plus additional fee-based services)
    2. affordable hardware
    3. great usability
    4. White label solution

    Another advantage is the compatibility with the products of Open Mesh. These can be easily migrated to Plasma Cloud and work together with the products of Plasma Cloud. Nevertheless, Plasma Cloud does not only want to be the successor to Open Mesh, but also wants to present a better solution in the long term. To this end, the team benefits from the experience and contacts gained over many years at Open Mesh. But it's best to see for yourself.